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FTB Infinity Evolved

All the content from FTB Infinity Evolved. Use the Curse/Twitch client to install the latest 2.6 version of FTB Infinity Evolved

Reika's Mods

Our server hosts ReactorCraft, Chromaticraft, Rotarycraft and more. Make Fusion reactors and generate all the energy you could ever need. These mods can be downloaded here

Warp Drive

Explore space and traverse the universe using WarpDrive. Build a spaceship and engage in space battles. Download Warpdrive here

Online 24/7



Become a witch and master the mysterious forces of nature. Embrace the dark powers and eventually become either a Vampire or Werewolf.


Research your way to glory as you craft and construct mystical devices to harvest the primal forces of nature. Thaumcraft will let you become a Dark Sorcerer of yore.


For the more Elven among you... Embrace the pure power of nature as you cultivate plants and harvest them for their magical powers.

Download the mods and come say 'Hi'

We welcome you to Eos